Group Reformer

Physio Rehabilitation Session

Utilising the benefits of world-class Reformer machines to improve and facilitate your recovery and goals.


Reformer sessions are a dynamic and fun way to work towards your recovery. The reformer machine combines a sliding platform with a frame, and is spring-loaded to provide resistance and challenge your muscles to work harder.

You can expect a full body workout, while focusing on your target areas as per your treatment plan from your Physio. There is an emphasis on strengthening and toning the body too. Many of the exercises are done in standing and because of the platform’s moving base, balance also improves.

Reformer sessions provide huge versatility and can be scaled up or down depending on your injury, management plan and ability level. Because they tend to be more intense and physically demanding than the other sessions, you may need to begin with other rehab sessions first or gently integrate the reformer sessions, ensuring to follow safe techniques. Your physio will discuss this with you and make recommendations based on your treatment plan. Reformer sessions are not suitable for pregnancy.

These sessions may be eligible for a private health fund rebate if you meet the criteria. Typically, 4-5 individual Physiotherapy rehab sessions are required prior to joining classes. This is to allow for the creation and instruction of your individual program.