EXO Chair

Challenge your whole body with resistance training and feel the difference.

The EXO chair is a cleverly designed timber box-like shape with a cushioned top. It has pedals attached to springs which can be pressed down, and a set of resistance straps which can be stretched to work different muscle groups.

What to know

Our EXO chair classes will challenge your whole body by applying resistance to Pilates movements. The EXO chair is particularly great for improving muscle strength and tone, bone density, as well as all the traditional benefits of Pilates including core strength, balance and flexibility. It is a dynamic class working the body in many different positions, especially functional exercises in sitting and standing. A very versatile piece of equipment with numerous settings to provide the right level workout for your level of ability.

EXO chair classes will be 45 minutes in length, and you can expect a fast-paced, more intense, and varied range of exercises. Your PPP instructor will be able to provide individual assistance to ensure safety and correct technique as class size will not exceed eight participants.

An initial Physio assessment plus an intro 1:1 Pilates session is required to learn the EXO chair techniques, following which you can then get started on regular EXO chair classes. We offer FREE trial classes to see if this class is right for you.

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