Pilates Barre

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An intermediate level class that moves quickly from one exercise into another, creating a powerful, flowing routine.

Efficient. Effective. Fun.

Set to music, Barre classes incorporate traditional Pilates sequences along with some ballet type moves. Mostly done standing at the Barre, classes are great for toning of glutes, legs and abdominals. A unique and creative program that is energising and uplifting.

An ideal class for those who like choreographed classes and exercising to music. Also for Mat class clients who want some added variety, challenge and extra cardio benefit.

Getting Started

Existing clients need a minimum 3 months Mat class experience plus 1 x Barre 1:1 (not required for Dancers). If you are a new client you will require a Pilates Fitness Screen and Real Time Ultrasound (RTUS). Depending on your previous experience you will also need 1-3 x Pilates Mat 1:1. You will also need a Barre 1:1. As an alternative to the Mat 1:1s you can do either the Beginners Mat Course at Glynde or the Beginners Reformer Course at St Peters.

Barre classes are offered at Parkside and Glynde.