Reformer classes are a dynamic, fun way to spice up your Pilates regime.

The Reformer machine is essentially a frame with a sliding platform which attaches to one end with springs to provide resistance and to challenge your muscles to work harder.

All Pilates Reformer classes are 45min in length.

Participants can expect a full body workout in a variety of positions, with an emphasis on strengthening and toning the body but without bulking up, like more traditional gym work. Many of the exercises are done in standing and because of the platform’s moving base, balance also improves. At more challenging levels, you will also get your heart rate up, increasing aerobic fitness. Reformer classes provide huge versatility and can be scaled up or down depending on the person’s ability level.

Reformer classes are a slightly shorter, more intense workout and are therefore for anyone wanting a faster paced, more dynamic class whilst still following correct and safe Pilates technique. Smaller class sizes create a sense of camaraderie and allow for more personal attention to technique. Not suitable for pregnancy.

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Getting Started

All clients need to do the 5 week Beginners Reformer Course or the Fast Track Workshop, regardless of previous experience.

Beginners Reformer Courses, Fast Track Workshops and ongoing Intermediate Classes are offered at St Peters. New clients also require a Pilates Fitness Screen.

5-Week Beginner Reformer Course

Participants can expect to learn the basics of Pilates principles and apply them to a variety of Reformer exercises, learn how to adjust the equipment, and move on the Reformer safely.

Once the 5 Week Course is completed, participants can continue with our ongoing Reformer classes available at St. Peters or attend Mat and Barre classes at our other studios at Parkside, Glynde and Stirling.

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Fast Track Reformer Workshop

Our Fast Track Beginners Pilates Reformer Workshops are designed to teach you all the Reformer Basics in 2 hours instead of our 5-week Beginners Course. Clients need to be fit and healthy with no acute injuries to be suitable for this Workshop.

Once this Workshop is completed, clients can attend our Intermediate Reformer classes.

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