Designed for those with movement limitations, the class is done in sitting and standing.

The class focuses on improving balance, leg and arm strength, core strength and stretching. A gentle class, whilst targeted at our older clients it may also be suitable for injury recovery.

A variation of mat classes, these classes are specifically designed for those with movement limitations. The class is done in sitting and standing and is aimed at improving overall general health at a mature age and for anyone wanting to improve balance and stability. The focus is on weight bearing and strengthening of legs and quads as well as on functional exercises to improve activation of daily living.

Classes are designed for the more mature client and for those unable to get up and down on the floor. It is suitable for low bone density/osteoporosis and may also be suitable for clients with an injury.

Getting Started

You can attend this class if you are an existing Pilates Mat client. If you are a new client you will require a Pilates Fitness Screen and Real Time Ultrasound (RTUS). Depending on your previous experience you will also need 1-3 x Pilates Mat 1:1. As an alternative to the 1:1s you can do either the Beginners Mat Course at Glynde or the Beginners Reformer Course at St Peters.

Strength and Balance classes are offered at Stirling and Parkside.