Pilates Intro Offer

Your Body Is Your Greatest Foundation

Pilates is a safe, effective, and low-impact way to improve your physical condition. It was founded by Joseph Pilates nearly 100 years ago! Since then, millions of people around the world have experienced the many benefits that Pilates offers.

Why do your Pilates with us?

At Physio Pilates Proactive, you will experience Physio led Pilates. All our Pilates Instructors are experienced Physiotherapists.

With 20 Mat Pilates classes and 28 Group Equipment classes per week, there is a sure to be a time that suits you.

We have been teaching Pilates since 2002.

We are open 7 days per week!

What Do Our Clients Say?

  • Julie M.

    “I feel that the physios are very experienced and knowledgeable, and I appreciate doing physio led Pilates classes.”

    Phil M.

    “Great personalised approach - feel like a member!"

    Valerie H.

    “I can’t speak highly enough of your practice. You have helped me in so many ways, and I am forever grateful."
  • Jula S.

    “It's a very friendly business. Everyone is helpful and yet it's efficiently run and over the years I've not known a single frustration."

    Danielle F.

    “Staff are so committed to going above and beyond and following up on appointments etc.”

    Pauline B.

    “I enjoy all my classes and find all the instructors and staff excellent."
  • Christine L.

    “I enjoy all the teacher's different styles of teaching."

    Alison B.

    “All the mat Pilates staff are great."

    Lisa M.

    “Everyone I have encountered from the front desk to other physios have all been welcoming."
  • Philip S.

    “I've yet to meet a member of the PPP staff who isn't highly skilled, knowledgeable, considerate and lovely. After a recent referral for treatment of an injury, my GP mentioned that I clearly see a first-rate physio on the basis of her referral notes. Couldn't agree more - I feel very well looked after."

    Loene D.

    “Well, I've been taught by numerous wonderful PPP staff. All are excellent. Really. And admin staff (e.g. Josie and Jean) are friendly and competent and ever cheerful. PPP is one of my longest associations in the Hills, and I value the relationship highly."

    Neil R.

    “Very impressed with the dedication and attention to detail shown by the staff."
  • Christine C.

    “Love the circuit program! Gives us an excellent level of fitness and camaraderie."

    Melissa O.

    “I have just started Mat Pilates. My Physio has been incredibly patient making sure all my movements are correct and adjusting various exercises to take into account my lack of flexibility."

    Lynley H.

    “Happy place to be, staff always warm and respectful- all seem to take great pride in their work and are very professional."
  • Anne O.

    “Jean and Josie are wonderful receptionists. Friendly, kind and helpful. Everyone at the practice is just so knowledgeable and helpful."

    Margie W.

    “Each staff member offers their speciality and Rachael always chooses her staff well."

    Sharon D.

    “Rachel has created an atmosphere which shines through to all the staff. All are professional and the mix of personalities have created a perfect atmosphere for clients to choose their preferred person for whatever service. Personally, I love coming to PPP and have felt the help I have received from various staff has been beneficial to my health and wellbeing."
  • Rebecca T.

    “All staff have been extremely friendly and professional and typically service is above expectations."

    Glenice M.

    “I have been doing Pilates with PPP for 18 years and am very pleased with all aspects of the classes."

    Elisabeth F.

    “I have always found staff enthusiastic, helpful and responsive."

Our special introductory offer

If all the above sounds great and you would like to get started, we have a very special introductory offer which includes:

A Pilates Pack

Beginner’s Pilates CD / mp3
Chi Ball
Pair of Grip Sox

1:1 Physio Assessment

Prior to commencing any Pilates, you need to attend a Physio Initial Assessment with one of our experienced Physiotherapists. Your health history will be discussed, and a series of exercises will be performed to determine your Fitness Score. We will then provide recommendations on how to start your Movement Journey.*

Trial Pilates Class

Following the Physio Initial Assessment, you may book into any one of our Pilates classes as a trial, at no additional cost.

Class Pack Discount

Receive a $55 discount on the first purchase of a 10-class Pack! Usually valued at $280, you can purchase for only $225.

Total Value:

Over $250

Your Price:


Start your journey today by purchasing this special offer and one of our friendly team will call you to arrange your 1:1 assessment.

* Depending on your previous experience you may also require 1-3 Pilates Mat one-on-one sessions at an additional cost.