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All our physiotherapists are highly experienced in the full range of treatment techniques including gentle mobilisation, massage, ultrasound and western acupuncture/dry needling. With a focus on empowering patients to manage their own rehabilitation, they can prescribe tailored exercises and strategies to build strength and alleviate pain. The principles and benefits of the Pilates method go hand-in-hand with this self-management approach, preventing further problems and injuries by retraining weakened or misused muscles to work as they should.

In addition to Pilates post-graduate experience, all are (or in the process of becoming) Certified Polestar Pilates Practitioners in Rehabilitation. This examination process for this qualification is stringent and involves 100 hours of lectures as well as 300 hours of practice and observation. The exam is 3 hours and has an 80% pass mark. It is extremely unique to have all staff trained under the same regime and as a consequence clients experience a smooth, consistent approach from all our therapists.

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