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Restoring your movement enables so much more than just helping you feel and perform better. It enables you to take control of your physical health, stay active, meet your goals, and to keep doing the things you love.

This knowledge forms the foundation of Physio Pilates Proactive. It’s why we love what we do, why we always strive for the best in rehabilitative healthcare, and why we are dedicated to your success.


We are still open for Physiotherapy appointments during the COVID-19 restrictions, and are also offering Telehealth appointments if you cannot make it into the clinic.

Good Physiotherapy provides effective, evidence-based solutions to your pain or problem to help you recover and restore your physical function, strength and movement.

Great physiotherapy uncovers and addresses the underlying causes of your problem to prevent it from happening again or leaving you with ongoing problems.

We combine both with our leading facilities, world-class services, and our innovative treatment-to-movement process, equipping you with all the tools you need to keep you moving for the years to come.


Offering plenty of in-studio and online Pilates classes per week for our clients to enjoy, we are proud to be the Adelaide Hills’ largest provider of physiotherapist-led Pilates classes. Dedicated to getting you the most out of every class, all of our Pilates instructors are qualified Physiotherapists, so bring their wealth of knowledge and experience to every movement.

Pilates is a full body conditioning program that emphasises controlled movement, breathing awareness and correct body alignment. The benefits of Pilates are extensive, and is suitable for all ages, genders and activity levels.

Physio &Pilates

The Perfect Match

If staying happy and active is your plan for the many years to come, then combining Physiotherapy with Pilates is the perfect choice for you.

While Physio works to treat pain, injury or other problems, Pilates works to help regain optimal function in the affected area, in combination with your prescribed Physio exercises. More than this, Pilates functions at a deeper level to improve your overall strength, flexibility, fitness, and performance, reducing your risk of further injury and promoting your overall well-being.

With thousands of satisfied customers across Adelaide, we always strive to deliver exceptional service that exceeds expectations.

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