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Our Physio Vicki has been back competing on the Volleyball court this year after a few seasons away from the game 🤾‍♀️ 
“One of my biggest concerns coming back to volleyball was having my body being ready to play, or having another injury. However, whilst we know we can never fully prevent injuries, we can work to prepare our body as best as we can for our sport” 
Vicki shares her top-tips to preparing your body for the sport you love! 
Having the strength, endurance, and power needed for your sport 
“For me this has involved lifting weights 2-3 times a week, doing regular Pilates for upper back / shoulder strength and mobility, and plenty of core strength work! I also include lots of Plyometric (jumping) type exercises.” 
Building up training loads 
” I made it my focus to complete a comprehensive pre-season training plan, starting with lots of strength and conditioning work, before starting on-court skills based training sessions. I have fantastic coaches who have been very mindful of gradually building up the volume and intensity of trainings. Now we are in-season, I regularly chat with my coaches to make sure I manage my overall training loads through the week” 
Good rest and recovery strategies 
“Getting enough rest and sleep is key for good recovery. Sleep is one of the best recovery strategies we have!” 
Reducing injuries is about preparation and managing loads. Building our bodies up for the demands of our sport! If you want to work on getting your body as strong and fit as possible to prepare yourself for your sport, or if you have pain or injury holding you back from the sport that you love  give the clinic a call to book in to see one of our Physios today. 

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