Preparing for Pointe work! 

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The progression to pointe work is very exciting for young dancers. A pre pointe assessment is performed by a physiotherapist with a thorough understanding of ballet technique who can determine if a ballet dancer is ready to commence pointe work. 

Our resident Dance Physiotherapy expert Kelly Homman shares her top-tips for preparing for your pre-pointe assessment. We won’t just look at your feet! 

  1. Really concentrate on correct technique in ballet class from head to toe 
  1. Work on improving your turn out with both the working AND stance leg 
  1. One preparatory exercise you can do at home before you are assessed is hopping on the spot. Fully extend the leg and pointe your foot under you en l’air; land in a single leg plie on the same spot. Start in parallel with 5 reps and increase to 10 as you improve 

Book an appointment with Kelly today for help in preparing for your pre-point assessment! 

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