Relieving Muscle Aches and Pains

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We often get asked what our recommendation is to use for muscle aches and pains. We have a variety of different brands of cream we use in the clinic but by far the best would be Australian brand Fisiocrem. It has got all natural ingredients, and the primary ingredient is arnica which you might be familiar with. It is really good for bruising and releasing any tension in the muscles. 

A lot of sport creams have a real locker room smell but Fisiocrem has a beautiful smell and also doesn’t burn on application like some creams can.

Tip from Rachel:

If you have some sweet almond oil you can massage that into the muscle first and then add the Fisiocrem on top and it makes the cream go further and is more economical. 

We sell it at the clinic in small, medium and large. Ask your Physio or at reception next time you visit. 

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