Quick Health Check

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Try our fun quick health check and see how you fair Remain standing: Can you balance for 20 seconds on one leg without holding on to anything? Try this on each leg. Can you touch your fingertips together behind your back (one arm from above, one arm from below)? Turn your head as far as comfortable to each side, but … Read More

Top Five tips to manage your Asthma

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Top 5 tips asthma Physio Pilates Adelaide

Asthma is a lung condition where the muscles in the airways of a person’s lungs narrow in response to certain triggers. It can occur in people of all ages and can be a scary experience. People with asthma can have a variety of symptoms, for example, breathlessness, wheezing, cough and/or a tight feeling in the chest. The good news is … Read More

“Oh no! My back’s just gone!”

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You may have experienced this before: bending over to pick something somewhat trivial off the floor when suddenly you experience the most excruciating pain in your lower back and you are unable to straighten up again. It’s a horrible feeling and it is understandable that you think that you might now have back pain for the rest of your life. … Read More


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Can you place your hands flat on the floor with knees straight? Do you have “double-jointed” thumbs? Have you ever had a “party trick” in which you could contort your body into strange positions or do the splits? If you answered yes to any of these, you may have hypermobility syndrome. Hypermobility is when the structures supporting your joints – … Read More

Ageing Well

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It is easy to assume that the changes you notice in your body as you get older are all due to ageing. Wrinkles, greying hair, changes in eye sight, stiffness in the body that wasn’t there before, and a decrease in strength can all make it seem like it’s all doom and gloom. Even from the age of 30 we … Read More

Pregnancy and Exercise

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Pregnancy is a physically demanding time. Regular exercise is an important way to help your body cope with the increasing demands placed on your joints, muscles, heart and lungs. There are many other benefits to exercising whilst pregnant also including: reduced leg cramps and swelling. reduced/improved symptoms of constipation. improved sleep patterns. reduced anxiety. reduced pain perception. However, there are … Read More

One week until The City to Bay

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Five last-minute tips to get you to the finish line (and the start line) at The City to Bay: Work out what you are going to wear During the last week of training test out the exact clothes, socks and shoes that you plan to wear for the event a few times before Sunday the 16th September. Not only to … Read More

Pre Pointe Assessment for Dancers

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Pre Pointe Assessment Pilates Proactive

Looking at starting pointe work soon or in the future? Pre pointe assessments are an important component of the journey to pointe work. Ballet is one of the most rigorous forms of dance, largely because dancers are required to support all of their body weight on the tips of their toes in a fully ‘plantar flexed’ (extended) position. Dancers who progress … Read More