Pre-Pointe Assessments

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Young ballerina dancing on pointe

The progression to pointe work is very exciting for young dancers. It can also be a worry for parents but most ballet schools and their teachers have become more diligent … Read More


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smiling young mother breastfeeding baby at night

Blocked ducts and Mastitis  Blocked ducts often present as a hard lump in the breast tissue that can either be painful or painless. It is possible to have more than … Read More

Cancer & Physiotherapy

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Smiling women with cancer

Despite advances in treatment, a diagnosis of cancer can still rock a person’s world. Thankfully, there are teams of professionals out there to help along the journey.  Did you know … Read More

COVID Update – 23rd November

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young man at the physio therapy

The purpose of this update is to communicate changes to our COVID policy based on the South Australian borders opening on 23/11/21.  The Federal Government has published a risk matrix … Read More