May – Lung Health Awareness Month

Tamara MatulickHealth & Wellbeing, Lifestyle

Breathing fresh air

Most years this probably would not register on our radar, however due to the emergence of the COVID-19 virus we might be thinking a bit more about our lung health this winter, even if we don’t normally have lung or breathing problems.

For those of you out there with lungs susceptible to infection, inflammation, flare-ups or pneumonia winter is often a worrying time and you will be doing everything you can to protect yourself – even when there isn’t a virus like COVID-19 present. For those with lungs are less at risk, being aware of ways to protect our lungs during winter can help protect those who are more at risk, often our loved ones.

The Lung Foundation of Australia are marking Lung Health Awareness Month with a campaign to help people stay well.

Four words: ‘Know. Plan. Protect. Connect.’ forms the basis of the campaign.

If you have a lung condition and have attended a Pulmonary Rehabilitation program this way of thinking may already be familiar. 

Know: Knowledge and support from trusted sources gives you the power to protect yourself. Check out these top tips from the Lung Foundation:

Plan: Ensure you have an action plan coming in to winter. If you have a lung condition speak with your doctor or respiratory nurse about the best plan to protect you from infections that could further damage your lungs.

Protect: Protect yourself and others by getting your influenza vaccine and pneumonia vaccine. 

Connect: Link in with health professionals, resources and support services. Stay connected and up-to-date within your community. 

Check out the full campaign here: