One week until The City to Bay

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Five last-minute tips to get you to the finish line (and the start line) at The City to Bay:

  1. Work out what you are going to wear

    During the last week of training test out the exact clothes, socks and shoes that you plan to
    wear for the event a few times before Sunday the 16th September. Not only to see if you
    look and feel good, but to see if they are going to be comfortable for the duration of the
    event. There is nothing worse than preparing for weeks only to find out the clothing you have
    chosen is rubbing or chaffing on the day.

  2. Taper

    Some of you will be thinking – I haven't trained enough, I'll do extra in this last week. That
    might have worked for school exams and assignments, but the last week before an event is
    too late to cram in extra training. You could risk injuring yourself and chances are you will
    feel much less fresh on event day than if you taper (reduce) you training in the last week.
    Accept the amount of training you have been able to complete and set your goal for the day

  3. Set a goal for the day

    This can be anything from ‘have fun’, walk the whole way without stopping’, ‘run the whole
    way without stopping’; or you might be aiming for a certain time. Setting and achieving a goal
    will increase your enjoyment of the event and a sense of achievement.

  4. Plan your fluids

    We are coming out of Winter and there is every chance the event day will be a lot hotter than
    your training days. Ideally, practice your fluid intake during your training. Will you carry a
    drink bottle? Where are the drink stations on the course? Ensure you drink plenty of water
    the day before the event and immediately after the event.

  5. Check the event website

    Use The City to Bay website to check your event start times, marshalling locations (where
    you need to start from), recommended arrival times (allow time to find the start!), bib
    collection, course maps, where drink/refreshment stations and toilets are, bag storage,
    parking, road closures and more. Getting to the start is just as important as getting to the

Good Luck!
See you at the finish line 🙂

Tamara Matulick BPhysio(Hons) MRehab

Tamara started running as a way to stay fit and de-stress as a student. She built up from running 1km
as a teenager to completing the Adelaide Marathon (42km) this year in under 4 Hours. She built up to
this distance by entering and training for events like The City to Bay. She loves the atmosphere at
events like The City to Bay where people of all abilities come together and can feel the satisfaction of
reaching their goals.

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