Maximising Your Movement Potential

Good Physiotherapy provides effective, evidence-based solutions to your pain or problem to help you recover and restore your physical function, strength and movement.

Great Physiotherapy uncovers and addresses the underlying causes of your problem to prevent it from happening again or leaving you with ongoing problems.

We combine both with our leading facilities, world-class services, and our innovative treatment-to-movement process, equipping you with all the tools you need to keep you moving for the years to come.

What we help with

Your First Appointment

What to expect

Starting on the journey to recovery and movement is exciting!
Your first appointment usually goes like this:

  1. We talk - and get to know you and your concerns
  2. Assess - we conduct a physical exam
  3. Diagnose - we explain your condition, what’s going on and why it has happened
  4. Plan - we talk through your treatment plan
  5. Treat - your treatment and recovery begins!
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The core skills used by Physiotherapists include a wide range of drug-free techniques to relieve your pain, restore function and movement, and prevent further problems including:

  • Hands-on treatment (eg. soft-tissue release, massage, mobilisation, trigger point therapy)
  • Western acupuncture/dry needling
  • Postural and movement correction
  • Exercise prescription
  • Ergonomic advice
  • Prescription of mobility aids, braces, supports, etc
  • Application of other techniques such as ultrasound, taping, heat/cold

On average, 4-8 sessions are required with a Physiotherapist to correct a movement disorder. This very much depends on you, and the extent of the problem that you’re facing. Your Physio can give you an idea of how many sessions will be required at your first visit.

In most cases, it is not our goal to continue treatment on an ongoing basis. Don’t get us wrong - we’d love to see you anytime you need, feel that something is wrong, or require a tune-up for any niggles that develop. Our primary aim is to deliver the best treatment, then equip you with the tools you need to continue optimising your movement through self-management, which may include Pilates or other corrective exercises.

Physio Rehabilitation Sessions

We offer two types of group sessions, focused on facilitating and improving your recovery from injury.

If you’re targeting specific areas for rehabilitation or performance improvement like in sports, then the group equipment session are the ideal starting point. These will help you with your prescribed treatment which will be reassessed every 3 - 4 months.

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A gentle Physio Rehab session designed to help you overcome movement and recover from injury. With mature clients in mind, these sessions will focus on using your specific treatment plan (with guidance from your Physio instructor) to help you get the most from life and movement as you age.
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Our Five Key Beliefs

These beliefs shape everything we do, and are designed to bring out the best in both you and our team.

High Quality Care

No Physio aides or assistants, just high-quality care from experienced and knowledgeable Physiotherapists that are committed to doing the best by you.

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The Benefits of Physio

  • Decrease Pain
  • Prevent Injury
  • Increase Joint Mobility
  • Improve Muscle Flexibility
  • Restore Functional Movement
  • Enhance Movement Efficiency
  • Develop Better Balance
  • Strengthen Areas Of Muscular Weakness
  • Learn Effective Ways To Look After Your Body
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