Our Physiotherapists are experts in movement and function and use hands- on therapies to assist their clients back to full function and health.

Our difference lies in 5 key beliefs, which has a tremendous impact on the care that you receive. These beliefs shape everything we do and are designed to bring out the best in both our staff and our clients.

High Quality CareYou will only be seen by a physiotherapist that is qualified to treat your specific problem – we do not use physiotherapy aides or assistants. Our Physios undergo continuing professional development to ensure we have the knowledge and experience to give our clients the best possible care. If we can’t help you, we will refer you on to someone who can. One-on-One TreatmentYour physiotherapist will only attend to you during your appointment. Treatment rooms are private – no shared rooms with curtains! – and you won’t be interrupted. All appointments are approximately 30 minutes long to allow enough time for sufficient treatment. Manual TherapyOur physiotherapists use hands-on treatment including massage, mobilisation, trigger point, and western acupuncture/dry needling with stretching, strengthening and education to treat the cause and prevent reoccurrence. We do not depend heavily on mechanical equipment and ‘passive’ treatment; our focus is on manual therapy and strong clinical reasoning to get to the root of your problem. Long Term SolutionsWe believe in the importance of empowering clients with the knowledge, strategies and tools to help treat and control their condition. This self-management approach, along with utilising Pilates expertise and the McKenzie Method of diagnosis and treatment, focuses on long-term solutions rather than quick-fixes. Preventative Measures and EducationWe focus on preventative measures as well as treatment. Our strong educative element, our fully equipped Pilates Studio, and by offering the most Pilates classes in Adelaide per week, we ensure that clients have the best opportunity to be proactive in looking after their bodies and health.

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What is Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is a scientific approach to clinical diagnosis and treatment of pain and dysfunction. It is highly supported by evidence-based research. Physiotherapists (physios) in Australia hold a 4 year university degree and are registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA).

Physiotherapists are skilled health professionals who assess, diagnose and treat people with movement disorders. They are also involved in the prevention of injuries and the maintenance of a healthy, functioning body. Whether you’re young or old, active or taking it easy, there’s a good chance you could benefit from physiotherapy at some point.

A doctor’s referral is not necessary to see a physiotherapist in private practice, although frequently your doctor will work in partnership with your physio to plan and manage treatment for a specific condition. Physiotherapists may also work in conjunction with other health professionals, such as medical specialists, surgeons, podiatrists and massage therapists.

Whilst many patients visit a physiotherapist after experiencing pain or injury, many also find the value in routine physio care as a measure of prevention and a means of maintaining good health.

Physiotherapy aims to:

  • Decrease Pain
  • Increase Joint Mobility
  • Improve Muscle Flexibility
  • Restore Functional Movement
  • Enhance Movement Efficiency
  • Develop Better Balance
  • Prevent Injury
  • Educate Clients on effective ways to look after their bodies
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Pinc Program

Certified Pinc Program Practitioners
Pinc Program Physio Adelaide
We are proud providers of the Pinc Program (formally Pink Pilates), an individualised physiotherapy-based rehabilitation program designed specifically to assist women move from illness to wellness following a cancer diagnosis. The program focuses not only on Pilates exercises to strengthen and stretch muscle groups affected by surgery and radiotherapy, but also includes:

  • Manual Physiotherapy
  • Fatigue management
  • Breathing re-education and
  • Exercise Prescription – both for home use and integration into studio classes.

As well as the physical aspect of recovery, much attention is also paid toward the emotional side effects of cancer. Reassurance and help rebuilding confidence are important aspects of the program. Because everyone’s situation is so different with regard to their diagnosis, the emphasis of the Pinc Program is on goal setting and personalised programs. Clients of all levels of fitness are encouraged to partake in the program. The Pinc Program has been divided into three distinct stages. These are:

  • Post-operational stage
  • Recovery phase for clients undertaking chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatments and
  • Fitness phase when treatment has finished.

Rachel Combe and Jane Deere are certified Pinc Program practitioners. This means they have gone through the necessary specialist training in cancer rehabilitation to be able to provide this service. Guiding their clients through the right course of treatment based on their individual needs, they provide support, motivation and encouragement, while offering the best care and professional advice.

Visit the Pinc Program website for more information, or call reception to book in to see Jane or Rachel.