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Physiotherapist giving hand massage to patient

We often treat our cars with more respect than our bodies, and as the body ages, it needs more TLC. Think about a model car – you would clean and polish it, service it regularly and not push it beyond its capabilities. The same applies to our body, and during the Winter when we can often be more deconditioned, we expect it to perform without looking after it.

Regular massages can be extremely helpful in keeping muscles supple and lengthened. With the added benefit of time to yourself and relaxation, the mind also gets some nurturing.

If you have any injuries or sore areas of the body which don’t seem to be resolving, it is a good idea to book in to see a physio.

Rachel Combe explains, “Physios are trained to assess and treat the body from top to toe, and the sooner you get on to these problems the quicker you can start feeling better. Physios will generally do some hands-on treatment and explain why the pain is occurring, then give you some specific exercises to prevent it from happening again”.

Hands-on physiotherapy uses techniques such as deep tissue massage, mobilisations and trigger point therapy to target the muscles and tendons. For example, deep-seated muscle tightness from poor posture and sitting too long at computers can lead to headaches, along with neck and back stiffness.

If you don’t regularly release these tight muscles, they can become more chronic issues.

Rachel would recommend 4-6 weekly tune-ups by your physio if you have a job that involves long days of sitting or standing.

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