PPP Covid-19 Service Options

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Doing exercise at home

Physio Pilates Proactive remains open but we have had to make some changes to how we service our clients in the clinic as well as develop new options for those … Read More

Online Pilates Classes now available

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Woman and an exercise mat in an office background

We are very excited to be offering online Pilates classes so that you can continue getting all the benefits from the comfort of home until we can all return to … Read More

In-Home Pilates Exercises

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Yoga at home: Cobra Pose

Rachel’s 10-minute stretching routine If you’re looking for routines to help keep you mobile and active, here’s a 10-minute stretching routine you could introduce morning and night. Toning Glutes, Abs … Read More

Pilates in NYC

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Pilates in NYC - Roberta

Small spaces and reversed breathing.  On my recent holiday to America, I found myself missing the regularity of Pilates at PPP. After thousands of miles of driving around on the … Read More