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It can be a lot harder to remember to drink plenty of fluids during Winter compared to the hot weather that makes us feel thirsty, stimulating us to hydrate.  Water is so important to keep all the vital systems of the body functioning optimally. 

There is often a lot of controversy about how much water adults should have a day, but the current recommendations are 2-2.5 litres depending on your build and how active you are. It’s ok to include all fluids in this calculation, but the majority of your daily intake should be water.  Keep in mind also that tea, coffee and caffeinated drinks have a diuretic effect meaning you will go to the toilet more, requiring you to replenish fluids more regularly. 

If you feel like more hot beverages due to the cold, have hot water with a squeeze of lemon to hydrate and boost immunity at the same time. Herbal teas are also a great alternative – the range and quality of herbal teas (or tisanes) have increased exponentially in recent years and most of them are caffeine free. Just beware that some of these new products, particularly the fruit flavours, can have sugar in them, which is best to avoid. 

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