Maximising your Gluteus Maximus

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Your bottom, butt, whatever you may call it, your Gluteus Maximus is one of the strongest muscles in our bodies, but it can also be one of the most incorrectly trained causing a spiral of other injuries. Have you been training to get a firmer bottom but getting larger drivers instead? This is another example of exercising incorrectly.  Using your muscles correctly during strengthening exercises and Pilates is vital to avoiding injury and achieving personal goals.

If taking a Physio Pilates Proactive Pilates class, you will be guided on how to do exercises correctly by one of our trained physios. If exercising at home, here are 4 physio exercises you can start doing now to increase the strength in your bottom, and look amazing in jeans year round. 

It may be wise to invest in a tied TheraBand or Thera Elastic Band which can guide your exercises. These are available online or our Stirling location.

  1. Squats
    If you have a TheraBand, place it around your knees and step feet slightly wider than hip width apart. Proceed to do 3 x 20 sets of deep squats (seated position), squeezing your glutes at the top of each rep. Ensure that you push your knees out each time to engage your glutes. Rolling your knees in uses your drivers.
  2. Squat Step
    If you have a TheraBand place it around your knees. In a standing up position bend your knees slightly and stick your bottom out ensuring that you keep your back straight. Place your hands on your hips and step to the right slowly ten times. Repeat using your left foot 10 times. Do 30 reps each side.
  3. Pelvic Bridge
    If you have a TheraBand place it around your knees.  Lay down flat on a mat, towel or carpeted floor. Raise your knees and have feet heels down hip width apart. Lay your arms by your side with your palms down. Engage your core, breathe in and on the breath out lift your hips towards the ceiling (ensuring a straight line from your knees to your shoulders) holding for three seconds squeezing your glutes and then lower back down. Do 3 x 20 reps. 
  4. Clams
    Lay on your side resting your head on your arm and bend your knees. Keeping your feet together open your top knee to about 45 degrees or until comfortable, ensuring your opposite knee stays flat to the ground. You can even keep your other hand on your glute to feel the muscle working. You don’t need to over extend to benefit from this exercise. Do 15 reps each side, and repeat three times. 
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