Osgood Schlatter Disease

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Also known as ‘growing pains. It is quite a common condition that normally affects sporty teenagers.

  • Generally, an overuse of the quadricep (thigh) muscle.
  • When the quadricep contracts it creates a strain at the growth plate directly below the knee.
  • Pain below the knee.
  • It can be one or both knees.
  • Normally during or after playing sport.
  • There may also be a hard lump under the knee.
  • Anywhere from a few weeks to a few years.
  • It may persist until growing has finished, but is not generally seen in children older that 16 years of age.
  • The pain often disappears in a few months without treatment.
  • Rest from sport when the pain is bad, or at least lessen the intensity and frequency.
  • Anti-inflammatories or ice to relieve pain after sport.
  • You can try a band of tape directly below that knee-cap which sometime helps relieve pain.
  • See a physio for some lower limb strengthening and stretching exercises.

Remember, whilst Osgood Schlatter disease can be very painful and sometimes quite limiting, it is not considered a serious condition and normally resolves with time.  

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