Strengthening Pelvic Floor post-birth and ongoing

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For many women, having a baby is one of the most joyful and for some, confronting experiences of their lives. Some aim to pre-prepare their bodies, as much as one can, and others just go with the flow and think about the repercussions as they happen.  Our lives and our bodies are forever changed. Many women don’t really take much notice of their bodies until after they’ve had a baby, especially important aspects like core muscles in your stomach and pelvic floor, but post childbirth there’s no escaping it. 

In an ideal world, we’d all be working on our core muscles pre and post baby. With personal time at an all time low, it’s hard to focus on strengthening your body once a little person has arrived, but these daily exercises and tips if done consistently can bring you closer to, and even stronger than your pre-baby self. 

Consistent Pelvic Floor Exercises.

Squeeze your front and back muscles upward 3 x 10 times and consciously let them go. Like you are stopping yourself from going to the toilet. Repeat again ten times but this time squeeze your front and back muscles but let them ease on their own. 

As a new mum, or a mum with a child of any age (as these exercises are ongoing well into your parenting life) one of the best places to consider pelvic floor exercises is during a regular daily routine. It might be during your morning cup of tea or coffee, once you’ve put the baby down to sleep, in bed at night or an ongoing favourite, whenever you are in the car. A routine that you can easily work into your life ongoing. 

Some hospitals have physiotherapists that see you post birth to guide you on doing these exercises correctly. If you have never been guided by a physiotherapist specialised in Women’s Health, make an appointment with Physio Pilates Proactive today.

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