5 tips for working from home

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Senior woman performing stretching exercise at home

1. Find a Routine

If you have flexible hours with your work you might find certain times of day more productive than others and you can scheduled your time accordingly. Try to include regular start/finish times to ensure work doesn’t creep in to your personal time.

I’ll mention exercise again later but this should form part of your routine for both your physical and mental health.  

2. Set up your work station

Often our work stations at home aren’t nearly as well set-up as our office stations. Don’t forget your ergonomics at home. If you work from home on a laptop make sure the top of the screen is at your eye height when you are sitting (or standing if you have a standing option), this might mean connecting a different keyboard so your wrists and elbows can be in a neutral alignment.

Make sure you have a comfortable chair and your feet can rest on the floor or a footstool so that your knees are just below hip height. 

3. Take breaks

Taking breaks at home can be easier to do than when at work. If you are someone who gets into a task and forgets to take breaks then set a reminder on your computer or phone.

Perhaps stick a picture of some easier stretches or exercises you can do within eyesight to remind you. Drink water so you are reminded to get up for toilet breaks!  

4. Keep in-contact

Do allocate time to speak to colleagues, family, friends and check-in. We are all in this together after all! Use email, phone, video chat where ever possible to reduce the isolation of working from home.   

5. Exercise!

With a need to change our regular routines try to brainstorm how you can get some form of exercise into your day – every day! If you can get outside to walk or run for 30 minutes each day or do 20 minutes of exercises in your house.

It doesn’t have to be complicated – just simple things like squats, lunges, calf raises, press-ups against a wall or bench and some leg and upper body stretches are good for keeping the blood flowing and some endorphins pumping around our body. See if you can tune into an exercises class from home. 

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