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Offering over 70 Pilates classes per week for our clients to enjoy in Stirling & Parkside, we are proud to be one of Adelaide’s largest providers of physiotherapist-led Pilates classes. Dedicated to getting you the most out of every class, all of our Pilates instructors are qualified Physiotherapists, so bring their wealth of knowledge and experience to every movement.

Pilates is a full body conditioning program that emphasises controlled movement, breathing awareness and correct body alignment. The benefits of Pilates are extensive, and is suitable for all ages, genders and activity levels.

Pilates Mat

Group Mat classes are for general health, fitness and vitality. With four different class levels, you can continue to challenge yourself as you progress.
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If you love variety, challenges and feeling great, then our circuit classes are for you. Circuit effectively combines both mat and machine work.
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EXO Chair

Use resistance training to challenge your whole body with the EXO chair.
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Strength & Conditioning

Use body weight and simple equipment to improve your performance in your chosen area.
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Because Pilates works to stabilise, stretch, strengthen and improve movement efficiency, it is highly effective in managing:

Lower and upper back pain
Work-related pain
Neck and shoulder pain
Hip and knee pain
Pregnancy and post-natal recovery
Sporting injuries
Improving technique in sport, including dance and music
Arthritis and general joint stiffness

Pilates Adelaide - Pilates Proactive

The regular practice of Pilates has been shown to:

Alleviate pain and discomfort
Tone and strengthen muscles, especially the abdominals (“the core”)
Increase flexibility and agility
Improve posture and balance
Enhance mobility, energy and stamina
Reduce stress and tension
Enhance sporting performance
Assist in injury recovery and rehabilitation
Promote resistance to injury
Improve vitality and wellbeing
Assistance with pelvic floor tone
Improved breathing

Pilates Adelaide - Pilates Proactive

You will not find this level of experience, knowledge, passion and commitment to Pilates anywhere else in Adelaide.

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  • Strengthen all muscle groups in a longer, leaner way
  • Improve your flexibility
  • Improve your balance
  • Improve your aerobic fitness