The Process

Your Body Is Your Greatest Foundation

Offering over 30 Pilates and Specialty classes per week for our clients to enjoy in Stirling, we are proud to be the largest provider of physiotherapist-led Pilates classes in the Adelaide Hills

Learning The Basics

During your first introductory session, you will be guided through each move and technique by a skilled Physiotherapist and Pilates instructor. This is essential not only to reap the full benefits of your Pilates classes, but also to optimise your rehabilitation and prevent injury.

You can learn the basics by doing a private 1:1 session with a Physio Pilates instructor. If you’re new to our practice, your first step is to have an Initial Physio Assessment.

Choosing A Class

If you are in good health, you will be able to attend any of our Pilates classes as long as you have met the prerequisites (outlined below).

If you have an injury or need any sort of rehabilitation, you will need to start with the Physiotherapy Group Equipment sessions, as these allow you to work through a program that has been tailored to your specific needs. Group Equipment sessions are also good for athletes or sports people who need very targeted exercises.

We encourage our clients to alternate between class types. Mixing it up not only gives you variety and keeps you engaged it is also good for your body to undertake different types of movement activity – including some stretching, strengthening and cardio.


It’s the quality of each movement that counts, not the repetitions. We help you master the techniques before jumping into the classes so you reap all the benefits.

Movement Sequence

It’s the precise combination of stretching and strengthening exercise that determines a successful routine, and we have uniquely refined this blend to optimise your outcomes.


The level of knowledge and training our team has is shared by only a handful of instructors across Australia. We strive to continually challenge, stimulate and motivate our clients.

Getting Started

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To join our classes you will first need to have a 1:1 session with one of our Physiotherapists where they can assess your current fitness level, discuss any injuries and understand your Pilates knowledge. This is important as we want to make sure that everyone is safe.

All of our certified Pilates instructors are also registered Physiotherapists.

After your 1:1 session you may also need 1-3 Pilates individual mat sessions depending on your fitness screen results and your previous Pilates experience. You will then be ready to join our Pilates classes. To make a booking for your initial 1:1 consultation, click Book Online or call us on (08) 8339 3188.

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  • Strengthen all muscle groups in a longer, leaner way
  • Improve your flexibility
  • Improve your balance
  • Improve your aerobic fitness