30 Minute Exercise Class

Your Body Is Your Greatest Foundation

30 Minute Exercise Class

Adding to our Specialty class offerings, Strength & Tone and Stretch & Release will focus on specific aspects of exercise in concentrated, effective 30 minute sessions. The classes are scheduled consecutively so you can do either one or both classes. As with all of our classes, they are taught by Physiotherapists so you are in safe hands.

Strength and Tone uses hand weights, resistance bands and body weight to strengthen all major muscles groups. It is a great way to increase confidence for a specific goal, or for those who just want to feel stronger.

Stretch and Release is designed to lengthen muscles and mobilise joints leading to greater flexibility. Taught in a calm, quiet environment, with an emphasis on mindfulness, you are guaranteed to float out of the class!

Our current timetable is:

Monday and Friday 12.30pm  - Strength and Tone

Monday and Friday 1.05pm  - Stretch and Release

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 8.00am - Strength and Tone

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 8.35am - Stretch and Release

Saturday 10.30am - Strength and Tone

Saturday 11.05am - Stretch and Release

We believe these classes will particularly appeal to clients who:

  • Are not necessarily interested in doing Pilates Mat (although there will be some Pilates inspired exercises for sure!)
  • May be time poor
  • Want to supplement their Pilates Mat classes with some additional strength training but don’t want to do a full Group Equipment Program
  • Want to supplement their GES program with greater flexibility emphasis
  • Are office workers or work in surrounding businesses who want to do a quick class before work or at lunch
  • Work from home and don’t have time to come to class mid-morning for an hour
  • Prefer the easier parking between 8 and 9am
  • Want to tie in a quick class with shopping errands etc.
  • Are working up to a big trip who need more strength- i.e., can do 3-4 classes a week
  • Are looking for a more economical alternative to mat classes
  • Are looking to try something new!

As a special introductory offer, you can purchase packs of 10 classes for $100 (normally $170) with a 6-month expiry from the first class used. Current clients, please note that you will be unable to use your existing prepays towards these classes due to the differing cost/duration of class.

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