Pilates Mat

Group Mat classes are for general health, fitness and vitality.

Mat classes incorporate all the key principles of Pilates such as postural alignment, breathing, core stability, controlled movement and flexibility. The floor exercises may also be combined with props such as weights, chi-balls, therabands and foam rollers, to increase resistance and aid movement. The main goals of Pilates Mat classes are improved flexibility, muscle tone & strength, spinal support, low back health, postural control and body-mind awareness.

Group Mat classes are for general health, fitness and vitality. Different class levels are offered to suit all ages and fitness levels. Clients progress through levels as they get stronger and more proficient with their technique.

Getting Started

All New clients require a Pilates Fitness Screen. Depending on your previous experience you may also need 1-3 x Pilates Mat 1:1.
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Mat Class Types

Classes have fewer repetitions of each exercise and the focus is on correct technique & body alignment. Class runs at a slower pace and has more stretching. It is suitable for beginners, those with mild or long-term injuries (not acute), those with poor balance and coordination, Pregnant and early post-natal, Osteopenia (mild low bone density), Pelvic floor weakness.

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  • Strengthen all muscle groups in a longer, leaner way
  • Improve your flexibility
  • Improve your balance
  • Improve your aerobic fitness