Online Pilates

In addition to our Pilates classes in studio, we are pleased to offer a range of online Pilates classes. These online classes are live and interactive.

They are all taught by qualified Physiotherapists who are also certified Pilates instructors.

Getting Started With Online Pilates

New PPP Clients

To join our online classes you will first need to have a 1:1 session with one of our Physiotherapists where they can assess your current fitness level, discuss any injuries and understand your Pilates knowledge. This is important as we want to make sure that everyone is safe.  This can be done online or can be face to face if you live local to Stirling.

After your 1:1 session we will direct you to an online beginner’s tutorial and then you will be ready to join our online Pilates classes. To make a booking for your initial 1:1 consultation, click Book Online below or call us on 8339 3188.

Current PPP Clients

Use current credits or purchase online only credits through App/PC as usual;

Book into the classes as you normally would;

You will receive an email confirmation that has the Zoom login information. If booking in advance, you will also receive a reminder email the day before the class that also has the login information.

A few minutes before your class, click on the link from the email and you will join the class.

Pilates Mat Adelaide - Pilates Proactive

You will not find this level of experience, knowledge, passion and commitment to Pilates anywhere else in Adelaide.

What's the Schedule?

For those of you that can’t attend the below classes, you can still book into them and receive a recording so that you can do the class in your own time for seven days. You will need to send an email to to receive the recording. This is only available to people that can’t attend the class they have booked. You book into the classes the same way you always have.

How do I connect to these online classes?

It is really easy, do not be afraid! We are using Zoom to run the classes which is popular app for online classes, video conferences etc.
Get Zoom

There is a great support centre with lots of articles and videos to help. For those of you who want the simpler version:

  1. Optional, not necessary - Download the Zoom App on your PC/Laptop/Tablet/Phone;
  2. Optional, not necessary - Register an account for free.
  3. Click on the email we sent you with the login information about 5 minutes before the class starts
  4. When you join your camera will be off and you will be muted. Turn your camera on (not essential but best so our instructors can see you) and unmute yourself to say hi!
Pilates Mat Adelaide - Pilates Proactive

How do I pay?

There are two options available to you. You can either use your existing credits or you can purchase the online only pack of 10 classes for $150 which is available now through the PPP App. We will extend your current expiry dates so you can use the online only credits if you prefer.

Do I need props?

Our intention is to make these classes accessible to everyone so there will be substitutions given e.g. tinned tomatoes for weights. However to help you have what you need we have created a Pilates at home pack including:

Chi Ball
Black Theraband
Red Theraband
Yellow Elastic band
FREE Pilates Proactive CD

All for $45

We also are sell mats for $75 and hand weights for $10 a pair (1/2 kg) and $20 a pair (1kg)

Additional Information

  • All classes start with the participants video off and muted. Once you are ready, please turn on your camera as this enables corrections/suggestions and unmute if you want to speak. If you do not want others to see you then make sure your camera is turned off.
  • By participating in a class, you acknowledge that your image (if your camera is on) may appear to others during the live class and/or to someone viewing a recording. Only people booked into the class can see you. Any recordings made are for the benefit of those that may miss the class due to an unforeseen event
  • If you are late or can’t make that time you have booked, you can receive a recording of the class. To access this you will need to email
  • You can even join in by phone only if you prefer. Details will be in the email you receive before the class.
  • As with all classes, you can only participate in a class that you have booked into


Can I use the Zoom platform to have 1:1’s?

Yes, you can. At this point, the health funds will not be issuing rebates, but this may change quickly. To book a 1:1, please call 8339 3188 or email

Can I use my online credits for when normal classes resume?

No. They are only for online classes. We may however continue some of these online classes even when we return to “normal”. 

Is there are a Devotee discount?

Unfortunately, no there is not. We have priced these classes very low to ensure that they are accessible for everyone during these extraordinary times.

Have more questions or need help?

Please contact our admin team on 8339 3188 or

For troubleshooting issues related to using Zoom for online classes or consults, please contact Paul Hedges on or 0400 117320