Pre Pointe Assessment for Dancers

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Pre Pointe Assessment Pilates Proactive

Looking at starting pointe work soon or in the future? Pre pointe assessments are an important component of the journey to pointe work.

Ballet is one of the most rigorous forms of dance, largely because dancers are required to support all of their body weight on the tips of their toes in a fully ‘plantar flexed’ (extended) position. Dancers who progress to ‘en pointe’ too early are at an increased risk of injuries including overuse injuries such as tendinopathies (tendon wear and tear) and stress reactions or fractures of the tarsal bones in the feet.

Pre pointe assessments are carried out by physiotherapists and are designed to ensure that any biomechanical factors that can lead to injury are detected and corrected before a dancer takes the step up to pointe. A full history and biomechanical assessment are done and appropriate exercises are given to prepare the student for this challenging but exciting step in their dance training.

Physio Pilates Proactive Physiotherapists and Dancers Jayne Rossiter and Rachel Combe are highly specialised in dance assessment.

If you are looking at starting pointe or know someone who is, make an appointment to see:
Jayne – St Peters 7130 0071 or Stirling 8339 3188
Rachel – St Peters 7130 0071 or Glynde 7160 0192

We would love to partner with you in achieving your dance goals.

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