COVID-19 Client Update

Rachel CombeAnnouncements

The SA Health update this afternoon said there have been two new cases in South Australia. To date, there have still been no confirmed cases of community transmission (all cases directly related to travellers or people they live with) in South Australia. However, the situation will no doubt get worse before it gets better. With this mind, we have introduced additional measures along with those we announced recently.

From Saturday, all Pilates classes will be limited to 8 (down from 12) until further notice. This will help ensure more space between participants

All Pilates participants need to spray their mat with disinfectant provided and bring in a towel.

To summarise our response to date:

  1. Anyone returning from overseas (regardless of the country) or is living with someone who has, is asked to avoid coming into PPP for 14 days.
  2. We have introduced increased frequency of internal cleaning
  3. All clients and staff that have cold/flu-like symptoms are asked to not come in until they are well
  4. All clients are asked to use hand sanitiser or wash their hands in the studio upon entry and exit
  5. Pilates clients need to spray their mat at the start of a class and also need to bring in a towel for their mat
  6. If you need to sneeze or cough, please make sure it is into a tissue or your elbow
  7. As of 21/03/19, all Pilates classes will be limited to 8 people until further notice

It is important that we all stay healthy particularly in times like these. That is both physical and mental. Below is a mental health article from Beyond Blue that specifically addresses Coronavirus.

In addition, there has been plenty of bad news so we thought we would include some positive developments you may not have seen yet. Please see the following links.

Stay safe and stay healthy.
PPP Team