Get to know PPP founder and Principal Physiotherapist Rachel Combe

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Rachel Combe QA

What do you love about working in Stirling? 

Love the community, so friendly and appreciative of our services. I also love the independent small businesses that operate in Stirling; the wonderful cafes and produce shops.

What inspires you? 

Passionate people! People that believe in what they do and strive for excellence. They make me want to be better!

What’s your favourite ‘go-to’ in Stirling? 

So many places to choose from! I’m really enjoying being so close to the Stirling Fruit Mart- their fruit and veg are top quality. And I certainly would have to say The Locovore – we have been running some of our meetings there (with a cheeky glass of wine or two!) and the owners are so hospitable. My two favourite coffee shops are The Kondi and The Essence.

How do you like to keep moving?

I’m really enjoying having extra time now so aim to walk daily, do some Pilates (both mat and equipment) and some regular stretches.

What’s your favourite meal to cook at home? 

Haha! I don’t cook!! I’m very lucky that Paul enjoys cooking- I haven’t cooked a meal since Hamish was born (and it’s his 5th birthday tomorrow!). However, I do love to bake…probably driven by my sweet tooth!

What makes you belly laugh out loud? 

I’m loving watching Michael McIntyre at the moment. He seems to fully capture the minutiae of life and make it funny. I’ve also recently been getting back into AB Fab- gotta love Patsy and Eddie!

Your favourite place to travel? 

I’m an absolute travel nut and every available moment and dollar I have is spent on travel experiences. I’d have to say Italy as I’ve been there 16 times! Love the culture, architecture, landscape and of course the food and wine. I also love New Zealand for the beautiful scenery and amazing hiking opportunities.

And what’s your favourite Pilates exercise? 

Hmmm, so many! Probably The Mermaid or Crocodile as I get quite stiff in my thoracic spine because of my scoliosis and this makes me feel fabulous!

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