Pilates Classes

Your Body Is Your Greatest Foundation

Offering over 70 Pilates classes per week for our clients to enjoy in Stirling, & Parkside, we are proud to be one of Adelaide’s largest providers of physiotherapist-led Pilates classes.

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We offer a broad range of Pilates class types to suit all your goals and needs

Pilates Mat

Group Mat classes are for general health, fitness and vitality. With four different class levels, you can continue to challenge yourself as you progress.

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If you love variety, challenges and feeling great, then our circuit classes are for you. Circuit effectively combines both mat and machine work.

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EXO Chair

Use resistance training to challenge your whole body with the EXO chair. Great for improving muscle strength and tone, bone density, as well as all the traditional benefits of Pilates including core strength, balance and flexibility.

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Strength & Conditioning

Use body weight and simple equipment to improve your performance in your chosen area.

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Getting Started

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Initial Physiotherapy Assessment

Your Pilates journey always starts with an Initial Physiotherapy Assessment with one of our Physio-Pilates staff. That’s right - all of our certified Pilates instructors are also registered Physiotherapists. This means they’ll be with you at every class to help you reach your goals and perfect your technique, while ensuring you have the care and any additional treatment required if you have any injuries or conditions.

Try a FREE Pilates class!

We’re offering first-time visitors to come and try a Pilates class free of charge!

  • Strengthen all muscle groups in a longer, leaner way
  • Improve your flexibility
  • Improve your balance
  • Improve your aerobic fitness