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Try our fun quick health check and see how you fair

Remain standing:

  1. Can you balance for 20 seconds on one leg without holding on to anything? Try this on each leg.
  2. Can you touch your fingertips together behind your back (one arm from above, one arm from below)?
  3. Turn your head as far as comfortable to each side, but don’t hold it there. Can you turn it until your nose is in line with the tip of your shoulder?
  4. Bend forward as far as comfortable, keeping your knees straight. Can you touch your toes?
  5. Can you bend each knee behind you, one at a time, and touch your bottom with your heel?
  6. If you cough, sneeze, jump or laugh with a full bladder, can you avoid any leakage?

Now lay flat on the floor:

  1. Stretch your legs out straight and stretch one leg up in the air. Can you reach your leg up vertically without bending the knee?
  2. Can you sit straight up from lying down flat on your back, without using your arms?
  3. Try sitting with your legs crossed. Can you do this easily?
  4. Can you get up from the floor without using your hands at all?

How did you go? Count up the number of questions you answered yes to:

  • Less than 5: If you answered yes to less than 5 questions, you are a “physiotherapy emergency”! Call us now for advice, treatment and exercise your lack of mobility becomes a serious problem.
  • 6 to 9: If you answered yes to between 6 and 9 questions you are not in too bad a shape, but there are still some issues we could help you with.
  • 10: If you answered yes to all 10 questions, well done! We can still help you in becoming proactive so that you maintain this level of wellbeing.

Whatever your current state of health, our goal is to improve your quality of life. Whether it’s a one-off session for home exercises, hands-on treatment to loosen tight muscles, rehabilitation, Pilates classes, or a personalised Pilates program, we’ll tailor a solution to suit you.

Our Physios are experts in the human body and they are passionate about helping yours to function more efficiently and effectively. Why not give us a call, to see how we can help you maintain a healthy, active body.

Special offerComplete this Health Check and bring it to your Initial Consultation and we’ll give you a free Theraband for home use that will help you get even quicker results.

One Comment on “Quick Health Check”

  1. Eight out of ten but I have never been comfortable with the two challenges and doing Pilates helps me do the eight, I believe! Pauline

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